The Journal of Sonic Studies
Journal of Sonic Studies, volume 2, nr. 1 (May 2012)Paul Vickers: WAYS OF LISTENING AND MODES OF BEING: Electroacoustic Auditory Display

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Auditory display is concerned with the use of non-speech sound to communicate information. If the term seems at first oxymoronic, then consider auditory display as an activity of perceptualization, that is, the process of making perceptible to humans aspects or features of a given data set or system. Most commonly this is done using visual representations (which process we call visualization) but it is not limited to the visual channel, and recent years have witnessed the increased use of auditory representations in the production of tools for exploring data. By way of semiotics and an aesthetic perspective shift, this article posits that auditory display may be considered a form of organized sound and explores the listening experience in this context.