The Journal of Sonic Studies
Journal of Sonic Studies, volume 1, nr. 1 (October 2011)Elen Fluegge: THE CONSIDERATION OF PERSONAL SOUND SPACE: Toward a Practical Perspective on Individualized Auditory Experience

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This is an outline of personal sound space, a way of denoting the auditory environment of an individual which emphasizes their conscious participation in a dynamic social exchange within that space. Rather than present a finished investigation the account is meant as a theoretical groundwork for further empirical research. In doing so it draws on ideas from across cultural studies to articulate a form of individualized auditory experience latent in the discourse. The term is structured into sound space, personal space, and personal sound, whose concepts are explored individually as well as integrated in the collective idea. Sonic experience is framed as a dynamic spatial-social complex whose conceptualization involves culturally informed ideas of territory and authority. This is compounded by attitudes of property and agency reinforced by the proliferation of personal audio technologies.