The Journal of Sonic Studies
Journal of Sonic Studies, volume 6, nr. 1 (January 2014)Daniel Hug; Moritz Kemper: FROM FOLEY TO FUNCTION: A PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH TO SOUND DESIGN FOR NOVEL INTERACTIONS

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The Mythical Sound Designer

Partially related to this complexity, sound design is often considered to be some obscure art form, performed by highly specialized eccentrics in esoteric and expensive high-end studios. This myth about sound design is particularly hard to battle. Interestingly, the vast majority of “making-ofs” and other sources of information on sound design (for film, mainly) usually serve to reinforce the stereotype. One reason for this lies in the nature of film sound, which – as with other cinematographic elements – ultimately aims to hide the artifice in favor of “suspense of disbelief”.

The result of all these factors is that only a small minority of students will even attempt to tackle interactive sound: Why bother with a “superfluous” modality which demands extensive technical skills usually taught at specialized institutions when dealing with such a complex interdisciplinary field as interaction design?