The Journal of Sonic Studies
Journal of Sonic Studies, volume 6, nr. 1 (January 2014)Daniel Hug; Moritz Kemper: FROM FOLEY TO FUNCTION: A PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH TO SOUND DESIGN FOR NOVEL INTERACTIONS

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The (Undesired) Dominance of Technology

A second challenge is that in interaction design education, despite all opposing efforts, technology often is a key concern. At least in later stages of the curriculum, artifacts will have to be functionally implemented. In our observation, this leads to a design (and learning) strategy that tries to make do with what seems technically feasible. This fixation on “making things work” technically is a general problem for the aesthetic development of the students. Each day and hour they spend on technological implementation will be lost for efforts that deal with aesthetic definition, inspiration, experimentation, and ultimately self-discovery as “artist-designer”.