Bill Kapralos is an Associate Professor in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He received his BSc, MSc, and PhD from York University (Department of Computer Science and Engineering). His MSc research was concerned with the development of a video teleconferencing system combining both audio and video cues to automatically detect and track multiple speakers in teleconferencing and remote learning applications. His PhD dissertation investigated the development of sound synthesis techniques inspired by image synthesis and optics-based methods to model the acoustics of an environment in an efficient manner for dynamic virtual environment/reality applications. Kapralos' current research interests include: serious games (videogames whose primary purpose is education and training) and more specifically, examining the factors that lead to a maximum transfer of knowledge and retention, real-time acoustical modeling and 3D (spatial) sound generation for virtual environments and video games, multi-modal virtual environments/reality, and the perception of auditory events.