Daniel Hug has a background in music, sound design, interaction design and project management in applied research. Since 1999 he is investigating sound and interaction design related questions through artistic installations, design works, research and theoretical publications. Since 2005, he is teaching sound studies and sound design for interactive media and games at the Interaction and Game Design departments of the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. In addition, Hug is lecturer and researcher at the chair for music pedagogics at the School for Teacher Training of the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, and visiting lecturer for interaction and game sound at the University of the Arts Bern, the University of the Arts and Industrial Design Linz and the Aalto University in Helsinki. Hug pursues a PhD on sound design for interactive commodities at the University of the Arts and Industrial Design Linz. As member of the steering committee of the Audio Mostly conference and founder of the sound design and consulting company Hear Me Interact! he aims to promote design and research in the area of sonic interaction design.